Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers in India

  • Generally, laboratory equipment includes all kinds of instruments, vessels, and other tools which are needed for various operations in laboratories. These instruments are exposed to certain chemical and physical influences and it simultaneously provides results.
  • Sai Scientific Instruments, a leading name in the list of Laboratory instruments manufacturers. Our instruments have a long life and are safe to use.
  • We have a wide variety of laboratory instruments that include; Centrifuge machine, Centrifuge machine handi type, Centrifuge machine square, Flask shaker, Hot air oven, Hot air oven G.M.P. model, Hot plate electric, Rotary flask shaker, Sieve shaker (Tabletop), Thin layer chromatography kit, U.V. cabinet fitted and Vortex shaker.
  • Sai scientific instruments aim to produce high-quality laboratory equipment that is durable and meet the high standards of laboratory technology. That’s why we are widely known as one of the best laboratory equipment manufacturers in the region.

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