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Microscope Manufacturers in India

  • As one of the leading Microscope manufacturers in India, we provide our laboratory microscopes for schools and colleges at a reasonable cost.
  • Our range includes Binocular microscope, Dissecting microscope, Junior medical microscope, Laminar air flow cabinet, Laminar air flow cabinet complete S.S. (G.M.P.) model, Medical microscope, Microscope eye piece, Microscope objective, Microscope reflector, Projection microscope, Stereo microscope, Student microscope and Travelling microscope. These microscope instruments are quite beneficial for microscopic observations which are in extreme demand in the current scientific research.
  • Sai Scientific Instruments are one of the prominent Microscope suppliers in India due to our huge and established network of dealers which is well-supported with transportation facilities. We always carefully check the packed equipment before sending it out for delivery because we care for our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Sai Scientific Instruments take pride in meeting the requirements of our customers.

List’s of are Equipment

  1. Binocular Microscope
  2. Dissecting Microscope
  3. Juinor Medical Microscope
  4. Medical Microscope
  5. Microscope Eye Piece
  6. Microscope Objective
  7. Microscope Reflector
  8. Projection Microscope
  9. Stereo Microscope
  10. Student Microscope

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