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About Us

Sai Scientific Industries was started in 1991 by Mr. Diptesh. Today, we are a global leader in the “next generation” of Healthcare and Medical Lab Equipments.

SaiScientific defines, designs and delivers best Lab Equipments to the Global Companies. SaiScientific Industries also provides a complete range of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab Equipments showing its strengths and opportunities on a global scale.

We have vowed to produce the best possible and pass it on to the end users. May it be latest design, technology, working convenience and life long working and possible zero problem, A unique combination of long technical experience of over two decades and subject knowledge has prompted us to stake this claim.

With its own manufacturing facilities, professional management, a commitment to quality & customer satisfaction and almost two decades of experience, SaiScientific Industries is fully capable of meeting the demands & requirements of customers all over the world.

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