Hot Air Oven (Memert Type)

Design and manufacture to meet customer-provided
temperature range, sizes, and capacities.


Provides a diverse selection of innovative equipment
for research and development applications


Selecting a suitable instrument is crucial to achieving
efficient performance and accurate results.

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Scientific Instruments Manufacturers & Supplier in India

We, Sai Scientific Instruments are Manufacturers of Laboratory Metalware and Research Apparatus engaged in manufacturing and supplying Laboratory and Scientific Equipment both in standard and custom designs. We are highly confident and work with dedication to provide its customers with a high-quality standard of equipment and instruments at an exceptionally economical price. Our world-class scientific instruments products include Laboratory Instruments, Microscopes / Environmental, Pathology Instruments, Pharmacy Instruments, Laboratory glassware, and much more. Further, these product categories are segregated into subcategories. These categories consist of Laboratory Clamps, Retort Stands, Bend Type, Mild Steel, Powder-Coated, Physical Weight Box, Centrifuge Machine, B.O.D Incubators (G.M.P Model), Autoclave Vertical, Rotary Flask Shaker, and much other quality equipment.

We also acquired ISO, SC MARK, DNB, and NSI Environmental Friendly Process Certifications for our whole range of instruments to ensure product reliability and durability. Apart from that we are striving to increasing productivity on constant innovation and improvement of our products and services.

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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Scientific lab Instruments

We believe in high performance and ethical work practices. Our Diligent staff improves strategies, tactics, and procedures to improve the product quality. We always strive to “Add value to our customers’ lives” and achieve consolidated, sustained, and independent growth in the international market that ensures long-term business success.

After-Sale Service

Beyond product sales, we believe in partnering with clients to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Advanced Infrastructure

We have a large warehousing facility that facilitates the secure stocking of all of our items.

Customer Delight

We put our customers at the center of our business, and serving them is always our first concern.

Extensive Clientele Base

Sai Scientific Instruments supplies its equipment to a diverse and large customer base.


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Strong Emphasis on Quality at Every Step of The Manufacturing Process

Quality is the essence of any manufacturing unit. Sai Scientific products meet all of the needed requirements, as required by the client and market. We consider that products must be designed for performance, quality, and safety. Our product design process begins with the consideration of client needs such as functionality, durability, quality, and overall value. During the design process, several variations are conducted to identify the best design. Every product that is manufactured is put through a series of tests to ensure that it is of excellent quality.
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