Water Distillation

Laboratory Water Distillation Manufacturers in India

  • At Sai Scientific Instruments, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality Laboratory Water Distillation machines using top-quality glassware equipment, branded heating elements and other best quality supported components. The unit comes with quartz that can withstand high-temperature variations and thus, it is thermal shockproof. Furthermore, it has a rust-proof stand.
  • We cautiously produce each unit to produce lab-grade water that is free from all lifeless solids and organics. Our quality controllers perform a series of tests to ensure that the Laboratory Water Distillation machines are free from any dysfunctionality. Moreover, the machine is loaded with several advanced features that help smoothens the performance of the machine and support the distillation process.
  • Our Single-stage quartz distillation unit can distill your everyday drinking water against the impurities present in the water sources. Apart from that, distilled water is used in the medical industry, laboratory, organic chemistry lab, clinics, etc.
  • The unit uses the distillation process to remove the contamination from the water. Distilling your water and drinking pure water can help you fight several water-borne diseases. Therefore, we aim to make clean water more accessible to everyone.

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