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Get Your Laboratory Equipment From Sai Scientific

Laboratory equipment plays a huge role in experiments. If you are also looking for reliable laboratory equipment, you can visit Sai scientific to check out their product range. A laboratory requires several instruments and equipment to perform experiments. Many suppliers only provide brief or specialized instruments or supplies. This is where Sai scientific comes in with the plethora of laboratory products.

For experiments, you need good and reliable products. And if you get all your supplies from a single source, it helps in maintaining the inventory. So, what are all the instruments that Sai Scientific manufactures and supplies?

The product range of Sai Scientific

If you are working in a chemistry lab, you will come across several instruments that you require. You require products ranging from measurement devices to water distillation instruments, and flasks. So, let us look at the different instruments and supplies below:

Analytical instruments

These are majorly measurement devices used to measure or identify particular physical aspects of the components. Sai Scientific offers photo colorimeters as well as TDS/Conductivity meters in this portfolio.

Apart from this they also supply thermometers and hydrometers for various applications. They have a wide range of analytical products like the Ampoule clarity test equipment and Analgesiometer.

Water Distillation equipment

Sai Scientific is the leading laboratory water distillation manufacturer in India and they provide single-stage quartz distillation units. Their unit uses top-quality glassware that is thermal shockproof. The unit also uses branded heating equipment with quartz. Quartz can withstand high temperatures which makes its distillation unit reliable. The stand is galvanized and coated to prevent rusting.

All the units are thoroughly checked by quality controllers. So, the reliability of the product is quite high as per the lab-grade standards.

Lab machines

The company is also committed to producing high-quality centrifuge machines for laboratory usage. In addition to that, you can also find hot air ovens, rotary flask shakers, sieve shakers, UV cabinets, vortex shakers, and many more.

Apart from that, they also supply ball sealing machines, bottle washing machines, chillers, hand-operated ball mills, ampoule filling and sealing devices, and ampoule washing devices.

Glassware and other labware

Labware is an important part of your laboratory. If you are looking for dishes, beakers, flasks, or any other labware, you can find them here. They have a wide range of glassware and metal ware that are suited for lab use. You can find enamel dishes and porcelain wares with Sai Scientific.

Moreover, you can also find metal ware such as retort stands, retort rings, universal clamps, brass filter pump stands, and many more. In addition, you can also find PTFE ware or plastics like the stirrer guide for your lab.

They also deal in rubber ware such as silicon flask stands, rubber corks, silicon rubber tubes, and platinum cured silicone tubes.

Oil and petroleum instruments

If you are from the oil and gas industry and looking for instruments like a micrometer, Sai Scientific has it. They have high-quality instruments that are durable and economical. Due to their competency in manufacturing quality lab instruments, they are also preferred by many Oil and Petroleum companies in India.

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