Laboratory Clamps

Cat. No. Product Name M.S. P.C. ALU P.C. BRASS C.P.
103/01 Universal
103/02 Burette
103/03 Burette Clamp Fisher Type Single
103/04 Burette Clamp Fisher Type Double
103/05 Cross Pattern
103/06 Three Prong
103/07 Universal
103/08 Condenser
103/09 Jumboo Three Prong (Heavy)
103/10 Jumbo Four Prong (Heavy)
103/13 Jumboo Condenser Clamp (Special)
103/14 Co-Axial Clamp
103/15 Double Key Clamp
Rods are 9″7mm. If required 9″9mm add extra, If 12″9mm add extra If Required Key Type Chutki Add extra

Burette Clamp Made of Aluminium Powder coated and Brass Chrome Plated

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